I met photographer Rinne Allen years ago, through mutual friend Angie Mosier, and have adored her ever since. Her work inspires me over and over again as it is always stunning and captures intimate aspects of life that many overlook.


Rinne’s love for gardening, travel, and all things handmade makes her the ideal Alabama Chanin collaborator. She has photographed a diverse range of events and products for us over the years; most recently, she documented our entire cotton-growing process.


Rinne also co-curates the Beauty Everyday blog, along with Kristen Bach, and Rebecca Wood. Together, they document daily inspirations of beauty from around the South.


They recently published a gorgeous photography book. Focusing on their hometown of Athens, Georgia, Beauty Everyday is a collaborative collection of favorite places and well-loved spaces.


Thumbing through the pages is a pleasure. The book, featuring 365 photographs (one for each day of the year), celebrates nature, architecture, and seasons of the South.


Beauty Everyday is available here.


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