At Alabama Chanin, we believe in living and creating a sustainable life—contributing in every way we can to the Slow Design movement, growing and reusing existing cotton, whenever possible. In our continuing efforts to become a better company and commit to ecological sustainability, Alabama Chanin ships UPS packages using carbon neutral shipping.

Carbon neutral means that a person or a company reduces carbon dioxide emissions to counter balance emissions made elsewhere. In the case of our shipping method, UPS calculates the carbon impact each transported Alabama Chanin package has on the environment. Then, on behalf of Alabama Chanin, UPS purchases a carbon offset for an emission reduction project somewhere else in the world, like the Garcia River Forestry in California.

When your next order ships from our studio, know that you are supporting carbon neutral efforts, offsetting your carbon footprint, and helping us to build a sustainable environment for work and life.


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  1. Mary

    Thank you! I try to use carbon neutral shipping every chance I get. Now I can feel even better about my purchases from Alabama Chanin!

  2. Cath

    Just one more reason I am smitten with Alabama Chanin.
    Thank you. Natalie for thinking beyond the walls of your business .

  3. SJF

    Will the cost of shipping increase for customers? I think this is a wonderful initiative, but shipping prices can get high very quickly when ordering yardage (among other things) as it is. I wish I could find organic cotton jersey locally, but so far I haven’t. I also like to buy from AC because I do believe so much in your company! So I’m just wondering….?