When we began our mailing list back in 2004, we had a small following. As we’ve grown as a company over the years, we’ve also seen our followers grow. We want to offer you the most up-to-date information, and that often requires a little trial and error.

Recently, we added some new mailing list options. If you are signed up for our “Get It All” mailing list, you will now receive the Daily Journal.

We hope that you will enjoy our daily Journal posts in your inbox, and join our ongoing conversations about sustainable design, recipes, DIY projects, art, travel, and fashion.

If you do not wish to get a daily email from us, please click here to update your subscription preferences.

xoNatalie and all of us @ Alabama Chanin


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  1. Carol

    Getting the journal in my email makes it much easier to check everyday. Thanks! Although right now there are way too many of your projects I want to try & not enough time.

    Will you be posting the new line any time soon? Cab’t wait to see it!

    1. Debbie Williams

      I am excited to now get the Journal in my mailbox…even tho I do go check it almost every day. Have just been at an art quilting retreat at Lake Tahoe…….so many women either know about AC or are going to check it out because of those of us who are so obsessed with it!

  2. Sondra Morrison

    This will be an absolute treat! What a joy to have your Daily Journal waiting every day in the email inbox. Thank you so much for sharing all of your lovely and creative ideas with us. It is so very generous and kind of you.