The Alabama Chanin Gore Skirt has continually been a popular DIY item because it works up beautifully in any color, using any design and embroidery technique. As part of our Handmade Holiday collection, we are offering a special-edition DIY Eyelet Embroidered Gore Skirt that is perfect for any holiday gathering.

The bottom edge of the skirt is embroidered using an eyelet stitch (instructions available on page 62 of Alabama Studio Style), with bugle beads added to some of the eyelets for a touch of sparkle. The end result is a snowflake-like effect that will fit right into any holiday setting. You can choose how much or how little to embellish your skirt, as the design’s scatter effect allows for plenty of improvisation. Instructions for construction are available in Alabama Studio Style.

The completed skirt measures approximately 24” from the waist and your finishing stitches can be chosen based upon your own design aesthetic.


Shop our selection of DIY Handmade Holiday gifts and, as we say at Alabama Chanin:
Make. Celebrate. Love.


Fabric weight – 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Fabric color – Burgundy
Embroidery technique – Eyelet stitch
Embroidery floss – White
Glass beads – White bugle beads
Seams – Open felled


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  1. Reiko Tashima

    I love to try your products, especially this DIY Eyelet Embroidered Gore Skirt. Do I just embroider on the skirt, or do I need to assemble skirt?

  2. Moushka

    Reiko – even if you’re new to sewing, this is a good project for a beginner. In fact, skirts are one of the easiest sewing projects to start with. The fabric is very user-friendly with a little care, and the construction very straight forward. I’m working on a couple of AC projects using Natalies’ supplies. They are fun to do, the hand stitching is relaxing, and the results are beautiful. Sewing by hand isn’t really any different from hand embroidery except that you’re sewing through two layers instead of one. If this project intrigues you, go for it. You won’t be sorry 🙂

    1. Mimi Wolf

      I have “Alabama Studio Style” but I find the instructions for the eyelet embroidery to be insufficient. Why do you need a backing layer and how does this work with the gored skirt? Is an embroidery hoop recommended?
      I love the look and feel of the the garments and I would like to support AC, but have you considered videos for detailed instruction?