Perfect for the nature-lover in your life, our Stag T-Shirt is part of a new series of Men’s DIY projects and is currently featured in our Handmade Holiday collection.

Designed to be worn (and loved) by men and women alike, this adaptation of our basic t-shirt features a bold Stag stencil across the chest and is embellished with a reverse appliqué.

We designed our t-shirt with long sleeves for cooler weather, but you have the option to choose a short sleeve or sleeveless version as well. You also have the option to customize the backing layer fabric color to suit your (or your recipient’s) tastes.



Fabric weight – 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Fabric color top layer – Black
Fabric color back layer – Natural
Textile paint color – Pearl Slate
Button Craft thread – Black
Knots – Inside
Seams – Inside Felled
Binding Stitch – Cretan

P.S.: Customize this t-shirt with a different stencil and/or fabric colors through our Custom DIY Page.

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  1. britt

    i love this. i really need to make one for the hubby. he is a deer hunter and he doesn’t want me to “Buy” him anything. that means “make” is ok.

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  3. Vivian Faye

    I love your journal entries – yet daily is so much with all the other artisans competing for precious time.
    Imagine so much time reading emails we don’t get out and shop, or DO a project at home.

    Another journal daily and maybe Marimekko opted for weekly – not exactly sure…
    yet something to think about because I love the info and have Your books – :love RED BIRD Berkeley/Oakland – yet so much collectively . . .
    imagine THREE thousand emails and … art and museums and wilderness calls – all dear to my heart yet hard to keep it going current –
    LOVE THE T SHIRT – maybe good for National PARKS and REC or Sierra Club magazine ad???
    Happy Holidays, Vivian

  4. Lixa

    Hi! Do you have the tshirt pattern available sepparately somewhere? I’ve been searching for 2 days with no luck. I wanted to make a holliday present for my husband, he’s hard to make for.