Thank you to everyone who graciously showed their support for Alabama Chanin over the last few weeks. Your purchases, emails, and love are the things that keep us going. It has been an incredible year and we appreciate your amazing show of kindness and loyalty as we move towards the holidays and the end of the year. You make a difference.

Our studio staff and artisans are working overtime to fill all of the orders, wrap beautiful packages, and get shipments out in the next days and weeks. Our timeline for production of garments is currently 4 to 6 weeks and while some may be completed before the holidays, please keep in mind our brand practices sustainable and Slow Design, producing our goods in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. (Learn more about our production methods here.)

If your order included any gift items that might not arrive before the holidays, let us know and we will be happy to send you a note card to give to the recipient, letting them know an Alabama Chanin garment is being created just for them and will soon be on its way.

Just email office [at] or phone us Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm CST at +1.256.760.1090 and we will get the holiday note card mailed to you as soon as possible.

xoNatalie and all of us @ Alabama Chanin

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  1. charlottelst

    When I ordered some of the lovely items on sale this Cyber Monday, I knew that likely I wouldn’t receive any of them for a while. What does a while mean? I don’t know and in fact that’s just fine. Right now, I’m finishing a poncho and working on some knitting. I’m not in need of another project just yet, and if I finish the ones I have and wait a bit longer, that’s just fine too. There’s no hurry. These days, I see my life in terms of what will get done over time, not right now. It’s freeing.

    I owe that in part to the books, projects, and journal entries from Alabama Chanin. Thank you.

  2. Rosalyn

    Thank you for all the inspiration and encouragement I receive from your emails all year. I have all your books and though I have not made many of the things in them, they are there as a comfort and reminder to slow down
    and enjoy the ride. Thank you and blessings and seasons greetings to you and your staff…now if I could just
    get some more money to buy the lovely fabric you stock..oh well, Santa, Santa are you listening..over and out.

  3. Debbie Williams

    I am so grateful to you for putting a few DIY things on sale…..and for the Black Friday discounts! I was able to get everything I had been longing for. Now I can start on my other projects with my new airbrush equipment and the stencils I ordered from you. I have also been busy doing my own stencils from the pennant felt. Next year will be a productive and busy Alabama Chanin year for me! I am so excited!!! THANK YOU and very Happy Holidays to all of you!

  4. lynda

    I think of all you busy elves every day when I read the journal!! I am from “over there” and just sorry I am not still close by—I would help you for free! Best wishes for a safe, happy, and prosperous holiday season and new year!! Take care. You are doing absolutely fabulous work!!!!!! Love to you all !

  5. Angela

    I just spoke to my mom this morning and she is making gifts for my kids and I this Christmas and she said a couple of them might not make it for Christmas…I told her we are totally ok with that..we are just so thrilled that she is taking the time to make us the beautiful gifts that she is making us and to go ahead and take all the tiem she need to finish them. It is such an honor to have a gift that someone has put their heart and soul into.

    I much prefer the beauty of these items as opposed to something that was slapped together on a machine in 5 seconds to get it done as fast as possible so that another one can be made behind it as fast as the possibly can to maximize profits for some lazy person sitting at a desk somewhere barking orders while the person at the sewing machine is starving and hungry.

    Here I go again preaching about the social injustice in the world 😉

    I’m lucky my kids are growing up to be compassionate and caring individuals. We are making blankets for the homeless this year. My 7 year old son became obsessed with the idea when we were making blankets for an organization that donates them to children in the hospital with cancer. He decided that we should be making them for homeless children because he thought they really were in need of blankets so I asked the organization if they also donated them to homeless children and they did not so I had to go out and do some research and found a way to donate blankets to homeless children so that my son can make blankets to donate this year 🙂

    I guess the whole point of this is I love what you are doing and I think you are amazing! I want to thank you for doing what you are doing! I think you are making a real difference and it counts for something. You are and inspiration! You are changing the world and I hope more designers will look to you for inspiration and at least manufacture their clothing here in the United States. It would be great if they would do more, but that would be a great start. Thank you again for all you are doing. You really are amazing!!!