In the book Eco Fashion, our friend Sass Brown celebrates and examines designers and labels practicing sustainability in the fashion industry, including Alabama Chanin (you might have recognized our hand-sewn garment featured on the cover).

Sass offers several definitions for eco fashion—from slow design and traditional techniques to recycled, reused, and redesigned methods—and explores ecological design and the connection between green lifestyle choices and successful business models.


At Alabama Chanin, we follow a round business model, use a cottage industry method of production, lean method manufacturing, and open source our techniques and patterns. Eco Fashion examines our company and other designers that have stepped away from fast fashion and are molding their methods into something that can be enjoyed for generations, not hastily thrown away each season.


The book features beautiful photographs of ecological design from designers and brands all over the world, accompanied by an important narrative on why sustainability matters in the fashion realm and beyond. Sass educates her readers on the quiet revolution that has been slowly forming in the fashion industry—deriving from growing issues like child labor laws, international sweatshops, and environmental pollution. She also focuses on the idea of artists as activists—turning their concerns for the planet and the people on it into working business strategies that eliminate waste, use sustainable manufacturing, and create good, green design that gives back. Thanks to Sass and Eco Fashion, consumers are being made aware (or reminded) of the benefits of sustainable design and production.


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  2. Stephanie

    It’s so cool to see this book featured here, Sass Brown was one of my professors in college. She was very encouraging to us students and always made sure we recycled our pattern paper:)