These days it’s rare that I get the chance to sit down and read. Between second grade homework and taking out the compost (which seems an endless—and perpetually thankless—chore), my days don’t involve moments to sit, read, and ponder. In fact, “pondering” seems to have become a lost art in our busy, busy, busy (badge of honor) lives.


So, it was with relish that between listening to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” played on our new piano (43+ times—right hand, left hand, right hand, left hand, and one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four…) and watching Spy Kids: All The Time In The World, I was able to thoroughly read the new Garden & Gun magazine—cover to cover. And what an issue it is: Patterson Hood, Do-It-Yourself Moon Pies (more on this story next Wednesday), and Classic Southern Drinks (my personal favorite).


Even if you have yet to become a G&G enthusiast, you will be after this issue. It looks, feels, and reads like a magazine ought to in my mind.  Start on page 77 with “CHEERS!” with thoughts on drinking (and not) from folks like John Currence and Kim Severson.


Tonight, I’m planning on Kevin Barrett’s Redless Snapper (see page 88-89) with Tomato Water made from frozen tomatoes I harvested last summer from my backyard garden (imagine how this will taste come September!) and I’m plotting on how to get Greg Best (page 82) to come for a visit to The Factory Café—cocktail workshop anyone?


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  1. peri irish switzer

    Compost & 2d grade print & piano homework are all long-term projects with short-term efforts that will eventually pay off — been there, done that (still am with the compost). Cheers & enjoy it all while it lasts! Hoping someday to make it to Florence —

  2. cherie

    Cocktail “Work”shop – what a f a b u l o u s idea:-) Clearly a step (or stagger, perhaps?) above DIY cocktails! do it!

  3. Amy Hall

    I came to know Garden and Gun in a round-about way: a colleague’s parents subscribed and whenever she visited them she came back with an issue which she shared with me, I would then mail that issue (after thoroughly reading it) to my daughter in Barrow, AK, who now has her own subscription and, this Christmas, gave me a subscription. It is such a wonderful publication but I still have to explain when telling others about Garden and Gun that they should not judge a magazine by its name. Oh, the shudders the name evinces among sweet ladies!