Over the past few years, social media has become an integral part of many businesses, including Alabama Chanin. It is a way for us to share our ideas, designs, and inspirations with you. Pinterest is a great platform for inspiration and collaboration. Thousands of images are shared daily on the site, creating a beautiful and useful medium for those looking for inspiration.

Recently, we discovered hundreds of Alabama Chanin-inspired Pinterest boards, curated by you – our followers, fans, and friends. Browsing your boards was like taking a journey through the history of this company. From past collections, to Studio Style DIY, and even creations of your own design, you have created something that is encouraging to all of us here at the Alabama Chanin studio. Knowing that we can serve as a source of inspiration for you to create, dream, design, and learn motivates us to continue sending inspiration your way.

Be on the lookout for a new Collection, recipes from The Factory Café, the machine-sewn line A. Chanin, new DIY projects, special in-store offers, and a new Bridal Collection to be shared on our Pinterest boards soon.

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  1. Lisa P.

    You know, you’ve hit on something I’ve been thinking about. It would be a great book (because, of course, you are not at all busy 😉 ) to cover the many different takes on your ideas and patterns. Some people interpret them very exactly, and others take the inspiration and run in a completely different direction. People who follow and love your work would love to see so many ideas, and that, in turn, would inspire more. Maybe an idea to put on the shelf for when the time is right…