Ever since I read about classic Southern drinks in the latest issue of Garden & Gun, I’ve been craving a crisp, refreshing cocktail. We’ve shared some grenadine-inspired libations before and, in keeping with that theme (and continuing our love affair with Jack Rudy’s Small Batch Grenadine), we created a blood orange-infused pomegranate cocktail.

Boasting a deep and rich citrusy flavor, blood oranges are considered to be among the finest dessert oranges in the world and are at their seasonal peak right now. These oranges are quite sought after by most bartenders—they are only ripe for a few months each year. The perfect pairing with a range of spirits, we chose to mix ours with Cathead Vodka.

Tip: Blood oranges will only last a couple of days at room temperature, so we suggest refrigerating them; they will last up to two weeks that way.


3 to 4 blood orange segments
1 cup soda water
3 tablespoons Jack Rudy Grenadine
1.25 oz. Cathead Vodka
1 to 2 sage leaves

Muddle 2 to 3 blood orange segments with 1 to 2 sage leaves. Combine in a cocktail shaker with soda water, grenadine, and vodka. Shake vigorously until the shaker beads with condensation. Strain over ice into a highball or wine glass. Garnish with a blood orange slice and a sprig of sage.


For another pomegranate-inspired potion, check out Chris Hastings’ Hot and Hot Pomegranate Cocktail, found on page 178 of Hot and Hot Fish Club Cookbook.


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  1. lynda

    I have said it before and will do so again–I do enjoy the newsletter–it is better than a newspaper–you always have GOOD news!! I always want to try whatever you news you have!!!!! I often think of reading about Alabama Chanin–a long time ago–in some magazine and these incredibly expensive t shirts hand made in Alabama and sold at Bergdorf’s and some other NY stores and how it peaked my interest! Thanks for providing me with such interesting entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kate

    I made this lovely libation as a treat for myself tonight (finally cracked open my bottle of Jack Rudy grenadine) and my, was it delicious – brought a little sunshine into this long winter we’re having up here. I am definitely passing this recipe around :). Thanks!