Last year, we announced with great excitement that Alabama Chanin would be launching a machine-made line called A. Chanin. After months of hard work from our team (and the receipt of the CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge award), the inaugural A. Chanin pieces are here.

Until now, all Alabama Chanin products have been made by hand, using sustainable practices. We have worked hard to develop machine-made garments that stay true to our ideals of high quality, slow fashion, sustainable design, and Made in the USA production. The A. Chanin line maintains the same commitment to these ideals that our products have always demonstrated, but at a lower price.


These first A. Chanin pieces are Basics, which can be easily integrated into any wardrobe and feel right at home alongside other Alabama Chanin garments. The pieces include a Long Sleeve Raglan Top, Wrap Cardigan, and Long Sleeve Cardigan. Each works well as a layering piece or a stand-alone garment.


This opening A. Chanin collection will be available in Natural, Nude, Lime, Navy, and Black and prices range from $60 to $200. The pieces work perfectly alongside our classic and upcoming Alabama Chanin collections, both in style and in color.


The staff here at The Factory have been wearing and testing these new garments for several weeks and they are currently all in heavy rotation. I wear my A. Chanin Long Sleeve Cardigan almost every day. We believe that you will also love the beauty, simplicity, and durability of A. Chanin garments, all designed to fit exquisitely and last a lifetime. Thank you for your support and for following us on this journey.


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  1. barbara dua

    The long sleeve cardigan…not all of us are size S or XS or even large. Please consider garments that fit many mature bodies!

    1. Alabama

      Hi Barbara,
      Our A. Chanin garments will be available in sizes XS – XL. As of right now, we do have a limited stock, but hope to have more sizes and colors available very soon. Our production team is busy producing sustainable, high quality pieces that will fit and flatter an array of shapes and sizes.

  2. Laura

    YAY! So happy to see what y’all have been working on! They are beautiful.
    Applause applause applause! I can’t imagine the feeling of unveiling a new line, it must be like showing pictures of your babies for the first time. ; )
    I love them all of course.

  3. Patricia

    Lovely! Those are some nice designs – the raglan sleeve top is my favorite, I think. It is inspirational to see the choices that you make as a company and the values you strive to uphold. Good stuff all around.

  4. Eva

    I ordered my first ever AC piece last night and I am very excited to see that it already shipped…and I will be happy to be the owner of a piece from this new collection indeed. I admire all you do – what an inspiration and daily encouragement.


    Bravo Natalie.

    We are in Portland, OR. now . . . and loving it. Your books are here at Powells and elsewhere and people comment on my AC creations, which gives me the perfect opportunity to talk about you and your wonderful company and the life there in Florence. All the best .

  6. Caroline

    Hi I hope you get more colors like the nude/ natural/ white back in stock soon! I love the style- been looking for something like this for a while. – ps I’m a size M!