My love for cake, from traditional layer cakes to simple pound cakes, has been well documented over the years. While I delight in the homemade sweets of the South, one of my favorite cakes comes from a local bakery here in the Shoals called Sugarbakers.

The family owned-and-operated bakery opened over twenty years ago in nearby St. Florian. A few years ago, the main location, which focused on baked goods, closed and the bakery operation moved to a restaurant called “The Drink Box,” which serves up delicious milkshakes (Maggie’s drink of choice) and chicken salad, as well as old Sugarbakers favorites and layer cakes.


My favorite cake, aptly named “Wedding Cake”, features 3 layers of delicious white cake, covered in white buttercream frosting. We have been serving it by the slice in The Factory Café—where a whole cake doesn’t last long—so, I’m not alone in my love for the classic dessert.

Many of our friends and employees have fond memories of Sugarbakers. Our freelance editor, Sara, chose the bakery to create her wedding cake in 2001, and our media assistant, Caroline, noted that she has received a birthday cake from Sugarbakers for the past 19 years. We’ve even commissioned the bakery to create a number of Alabama Chanin-style cakes over the years, including a beautifully ‘stitched’ cake and a sprinkled red velvet cake.


Sugarbakers has been a part of our community for decades, but is rumored to be closing shop soon. This isn’t the first time our community has lost a beloved Southern family bakery. In 2005, Culpepper’s Bakery closed after 53 years of service to the Shoals community.

Thank you, Sugarbakers, for your years of good service and plethora of memories. We are still serving Wedding Cake in the café, so come and treat yourself to a slice while you still can.


choose one for $9.95

 Sun dried tomato, spinach and gruyere quiche,
served with roasted eggplant and ricotta

Roasted vegetable sandwich with zucchini, squash,
red pepper and ricotta on garlic toast, served with
potato chips and local greens

Lentil and wild rice grain salad, served with local greens
and a side of marinated cucumbers, tomatoes and red onions

Gram Perkins’ egg salad sandwich,
served open-faced on whole wheat sourdough toast,
with honey crisp apples and local greens

When possible, we proudly serve organic and source our ingredients locally from
Jack-o-Lantern Farm, Belle Chevre, and other purveyors.

Enjoy your lunch on exclusive Alabama Chanin @ Heath Ceramics dinnerware.


House Made Granola
with local honey and Greek yogurt 4.50

Daily Assortment of Two Scones 4.50
(Made to order; please allow 20 minutes. Served hot.)

 Whole Wheat Sourdough Toast
served with jam or local honey 2.95

Hard Boiled Farm Egg
with sea salt and cracked pepper, served with toast and greens 5.95

 Side of Weekly Grain or Local Green Salad 5.50

Egg Salad Sandwich
served open-faced 5.50

 Grilled Cheese Sandwich 4.95

 Cup of Soup with toast 4.50

 Bowl of Soup with toast 6.50

 Route 11 Potato Chips
your choice 1.50


Sugarbaker’s Wedding Cake
The classic, made in St. Florian 3.95

 Chocolate Pots de Crème
topped with freshly whipped cream,
and served with a shortbread cookie 4.25

Tea Cakes
The classic cookies, topped with
house made buttercream frosting 3.95

 Strawberry Rhubarb Crepes
filled with Zingerman’s cream cheese, topped
with Blackberry Farm strawberry rhubarb jam
and powdered sugar 4.25

 Three Chocolate Chip Cookies 2.95
(Made to order; please allow 10 minutes. Served hot.)
Two served with Shirey Vanilla Ice Cream 4.50


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  1. Joyce Hester

    I have had lunch twice at The Factory and certainly plan to return. Had the egg salad both times and will FORCE myself to try something different next time…WELL, maybe not! Egg salad is a winner.

  2. jamie

    Sad that a great place may close. I would love that cake if I was a little closer. What’s going on with these wonderful bakers…etc.. very sad indeed!

  3. deborah k.

    Any chance you can get the recipe before they close? That is one beautiful and delicious looking cake!