One of our Mother’s Day Gift Guide selections, the DIY Magdalena Shawl is versatile in design and function. The Magdalena stencil is a bold design that dresses up casual wear. A shawl is a simple way to adjust to the changes in weather that tend to occur on a whim this time of year and acts as a perfect canvas to display the Magdalena design.

I like to keep a variety of shawls on hand for chilly mornings and to use as a pillow or blanket on long airplane or car rides. Depending on how you wear your shawl, it is possible that both the front and the back may be visible, showing off the intricate stitches and handwork used to finish it.


Instructions for completing the DIY Magdalena Shawl are available in Alabama Stitch Book. Variations on embellishment techniques, including reverse appliqué (shown here), can be found in Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. Customize your top fabric and thread colors when purchasing your kit.


Fabric weight – 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Fabric color top layer – Dusk
Fabric color back layer – Sand
Textile paint color – Cream
Button Craft thread – Slate #26
Treatment – Reverse appliqué
Knots – Inside
Seams – Inside felled

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  1. Erin

    It is a lovely shawl. I often also want to know about the rest of the clothes the model is wearing. I like the tunic wrap-around.

  2. ahk

    Your layering is always so fabulous — I never thought of putting the short cardigan over the vest!

  3. Erin

    Oh I agree. I love the layering. I love the older layered pieces so much, these are really nice as well. I also have been making stretch lace skirtlets to peek out from under my tunics. Thanks for the description!