Olga Rei and Valentine Uhovski are stepsiblings and creators of Art Ruby, a daily art bulletin that presents art of all disciplines to readers around the world in an approachable, open format.

Art Ruby is a hub for relevant news, exhibits, designers, and innovations in and around the art world. Olga and Valentine created the site with an objective of bringing together different disciplines under one virtual roof and creating an environment where art can be viewed, discussed, and shared. Their overarching goal is to create a space where “the multi-faceted and intricate art world doesn’t seem so intimidating.” The two are a natural fit for the MAKESHIFT discussions on intersecting multiple disciplines for the benefit of all, as they profess their desire to explore the larger relationships between and among art, fashion, and pop culture. As the internet can be a great democratizer, Olga and Valentine want to use their platform to help readers experience art every day, from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Valentine acts as Fashion Evangelist for Tumblr and sees part of his role as bringing diversity to the online fashion community. Because Tumblr is a versatile platform that attracts users from all backgrounds, content from an independent blogger has potential to reach as many users as does content from an award-winning designer.

The two collaborated on this tote as a way to participate in the global MAKESHIFT conversation. Last year, Alabama Chanin, Heath Ceramics, and The Standard proudly partnered with Tumblr to expand the reach of the MAKESHIFT project globally.

Each MAKESHIFT participant’s completed tote can be viewed as part of the MAKESHIFT image quilt.

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  1. Lea Vollmer

    Is the Makeshift tote bag project open to anyone who would like to submit something?
    Thanks! Lea

    1. Alabama

      Hi Lea,

      The MAKESHIFT tote project is a continuation of our MAKESHIFT conversations, and the totes are created by those participants. So no, we are not accepting open submissions. But, we do encourage that you find inspiration and create your own tote. You can purchase one of our organic cotton totes here, and embellish with yarn balls, fabric scraps, ink…the possibilities are endless. Please share your creation with us when you finish–we’d love to see what you create. Just email photos to