We’ve written before about the importance of color – from a cultural standpoint and a design perspective. At Alabama Chanin, we tend to embrace more muted tones for our design color palette. Muted colors have a reduced intensity, so any saturated color stands out in comparison.  We are drawn toward natural tones and some of our fabrics are colored with natural dyes to create rich, pure shades of color.

When it comes to individual style, our feelings about color can be personal; a color can make you feel happy or sad, energetic or depressed. Colors can transmit mood, thought, and feeling. When discussing the best way to exhibit the color options for our DIY projects, Olivia – a member of our design team – suggested that we approach the display as an art project. The result of her work, this wrapped canvas, is beautiful, simple, and focuses the viewer’s attention directly on color. Anything else you take from this, like your thoughts on color, is personal.


1 – (24″ x 36″) canvas
1 box 3/8” pushpins
Approximately 6 small yarn balls (or make your own from cotton jersey pulls)

Looking at the back of your blank canvas, insert pushpins into the inner, vertical edges of the wooden frame about 1” apart. Follow the instructions on page 99 of Alabama Studio Style to cut and make your own cotton jersey pulls.

Tie your first pull to the first pushpin, wrap around the pushpin, then around the front of the canvas to the other side. Wrap your pull around the adjacent pushpin on the other side of the canvas, then back around the front again. Continue working back and forth across the front of the canvas, using your pushpins as guides, until the entire canvas is covered. We left the tails of our tied-together cotton jersey pulls exposed for added texture. Feel free to tuck yours in if you prefer a cleaner look.


Based upon your design and color preferences, you may choose to tie several of your pulls together at the beginning. We recommend starting with quite a few tied together, then adding on, as needed. As you move down the canvas, you can decide if and how you want your colors to change, and then add on additional pulls accordingly.

The number of yarn balls (or cotton jersey pulls) needed will vary depending on the size of your canvas. We used approximately 1 small yarn ball in each color, and had some leftovers when the project was complete.


Fabric – 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Fabric colors – Plum, Burgundy, Earth, Dark Grey, Steel, Black

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