Based on feedback that we have received from some of our DIY customers, we are now offering supplementary instructions in each of our DIY Kits. Each kit will be shipped with an insert that includes basic instructions, including how to “love your thread,” directions on completing basic stitches, simple construction tips, and how to add rib binding to your item. We hope that this will help make completing your DIY project easy and stress-free. As always, complete instructions for projects can be found in the Alabama Studio Book series.

We have recently been highlighting natural dyes and Alabama Chanin’s new dye house, run by our head seamstress, Diane. This project highlights the beautiful new shades of indigo that are emerging from our dye vats, shown here on one of our most popular silhouettes – the Camisole Tank. The tank can be adapted to fit almost any body type and its simple design is well suited for most stencils and embroidery techniques.

The tank is form fitting and features feminine back and necklines. It measures approximately 25” from the shoulder.


This version of the Camisole Tank is made using our backstitch reverse appliqué technique, highlighted in Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. Instructions for constructing the tank can be found in Alabama Studio Style. When ordering, please specify the shade of Indigo that you prefer for your top layer: Light, Medium, or Dark. The backing layer will be Light Grey.



DIY Indigo Camisole Tank Kit
Basic sewing supplies: embroidery scissors, pins, needles, Alabama Studio Sewing + Design, Alabama Studio Style


Fabric weight – 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Backing fabric color – Light Grey
Top layer color – Light Indigo
Stencil – Large Medallion
Embroidery technique – Backstitch reverse appliqué (see page 97 of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design)
Button Craft thread – Slate #26
Embroidery floss – Natural
Textile paint color – Cream
Rib embroidery – Cretan stitch (see page 25 of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design)

P.S. We layered our Panel Tunic in Natural underneath the Camisole Tank to create the look above.


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    1. Alabama

      Hi Sally,

      Yes, we still offer that kit through our Custom DIY. Just select a Fitted Tank Top with all-over Poetry stencil, and easily customize the rest.

  1. Tamara Mahoney Kneisel


    I already own both Studio Style books but cannot find the pattern for the Camisole Tank… do you have a version I can buy or instructions? Or directions for a variation of what much be the Basic Tank Dress? I think it will be a more flattering top for me than the corset which I’ve made but it came out tiny and impossible to put on…

    Your expert advice or simply the pattern…. not the kit… would be so very much appreciated.

    Thank You!
    Tamara Mahoney Kneisel

    1. Alabama

      Hi Tamara,
      We do not currently offer the Camisole Tank pattern on its own—it is only available in Alabama Studio Style or Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns. If you already own Alabama Studio Style, the Camisole Tank pattern should’ve been included on the pattern sheet at the back of the book. It’s labeled “Camisole Dress & Variations”. The pattern is broken up into multiple pieces to conserve paper, so you will need to trace the pieces off and attach the top pieces to their corresponding bottom pieces (or make copies, cut, and tape). The Tank Top and Camisole Tank have the same fit—they only differ at the neckline. You can trace the pieces off to the line that’s marked “Tank Hem” and use the neckline from the front and back that’s marked “Camisole tunic & dress neckline” if you want a scooped neckline in front and back. The back of the Tank style is a full-back style with wider straps if you prefer more coverage. You’ll find a diagram of the full pattern pieces on pages 32-33 and instructions on how to construct the Camisole Dress (the same instructions work for the tank) on pages 120-121 of Alabama Studio Style. The directions for the Basic Tank Dress in the book use the same steps as the Camisole Tank as well.

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions.