Each month of 2014, we have been demonstrating some of our favorite embroidery techniques as part of our Swatch of the Month Club. The month of July features our satin stitch-embroidered Stars design, embellished with beads and sequins.

To highlight this stencil and technique – and as a way to celebrate Independence Day all summer long – we suggest purchasing a machine-sewn Racerback Tunic in the size of your choice and all the supplies needed to embellish your tunic with our Stars design, including our Stars stencil, Red Button Craft thread, bugle beads, chop beads, and sequins.

This project combines our hand-worked techniques with a machine-made garment. Look for more projects combining hand with machine coming soon.

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  1. Sara Crystal

    that is how I make everything, too impatient to get to the fun part, I machine stitch the seams and leave the handwork to the embellishment. that said, I truly enjoy the attitude of honoring every stitch.I love all the stitches on my old pfaff and use it constantly. love to all,sara