Friend, inspiration, and collaborator Anna Maria Horner has been featured on our Journal several times. She is a multi-talented woman fluent in more than one creative medium, from her imaginative books and fabric design to fine art. Natalie and Anna Maria’s friendship has only continued to grow as they connect over everything from food and family, to sewing and gardening.

Since we last featured Anna Maria on our Journal, she has added child number seven to her large and happy home. She, her husband Jeff, and their children (aged 1 to 22) live on two acres of land in Nashville, Tennessee. Anna Maria’s ability to balance her life as a mother and entrepreneur is truly remarkable.


Having collaborated with Anna Maria on garment design (and creation the textile patterns Little Flowers and Little Folks), we are excited to work with her once again during an upcoming weekend workshop in Nashville: “Fashion by Hand” with Anna Maria Horner and Natalie Chanin.

The workshop will be held August 15 – 17 at Studio Berry Hill as part of Craft South. Anna Maria describes Craft South as a combination of “pop-up shops, one-day workshops, kids’ workshops, and weekend workshops, which will also welcome the creative industry’s most talented lot.”


This weekend workshop offers the opportunity to experiment with jersey knit fabrics, both through hand and machine sewing. Participants will learn how to cut and sew garments, as well as how to create beautiful fabrics through embellishment and design. The class will be guided by Anna Maria and Natalie (and their mutual love for fashion and the handmade).

Anna Maria will be focusing on machine-sewing with knits, and Natalie will demonstrate Alabama Chanin’s hand-sewing techniques—and the melding of the two. Students can experiment with the raw and simple, as well as the ornate, and will walk away with the knowledge of traditional techniques from both designers.


The workshop will include a Studio Style DIY Trunk Show, featuring examples from Alabama Chanin to inspire sewing (and shopping).

For more details and to register, visit Anna Maria’s website or contact workshops (at)


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  1. Barbara Dua

    Just saw the Anna Marie Horner/Chanin weekend workshop.
    Why is the same amount of time so much more expensive at Alabama Chanin Aug 1-3 for which I am registered?
    Barbara Dua

    1. Alabama

      Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for your note. The Craft South workshops are organized by Anna Maria Horner. Natalie is a guest that Saturday afternoon only.

      At our Studio Weekend Workshop, our guests have access to our entire staff and supplies, and an opportunity to design their own project – which is cut, stenciled, and prepared with assistance from our staff. Many of our Studio Style DIY customers adore this attention to detail and full immersion into our studio and philosophies.

      We are happy to refund your weekend workshop with us if you’d rather attend the one hosted by Anna Maria at Craft South. Please contact for assistance.

  2. Karen Klein

    Sounds heavenly. Just wish it wasn’t right smack dab in the middle of summer with all its attendant parental responsibilities, commitments, etc.
    Please schedule another one soon!

  3. Irina

    Oh boy how I wish I could attend this – unfortunately the Atlantic is between us! 😉 Have fun during that workshop – hopefully there will be some fotos afterwards!