Doc Dailey is a longtime friend of Alabama Chanin and a talented musician making music right here in our community. He and his band mates weave together music that has a universal appeal, with the distinct flavor of Muscle Shoals. Below, he shares some of his favorite summertime pastimes and songs.

AC: When did you start playing music?

DD: Some of my earliest memories are of singing along to the radio and old 8-tracks; so, in a way, I’ve been playing around with music since I was a toddler. I started playing the saxophone in 5th grade and picked up the guitar and started writing songs in my teens.

AC: What are some of your proudest moments as a musician (or in your life)?

DD: My first instinct was to name some famous venues I’ve performed at or some of the amazing musicians that I’ve shared the stage with, but when folks tell you that your music has made a connection with them and touched their life in some way, there’s really nothing more gratifying than that.

AC: What do you do when you’re not playing music?

DD: I have a full-time day job at a tech company that develops software for the nonprofit industry. I also like to work in my garden, fish, and be outdoors, mostly. I mow a lot of grass.

AC: What makes your heart sing?

DD: Nature. I love to get away from all of the noise of life when I can. Sometimes all you need is the sound of the wind in the trees or waves crashing on the beach to get you back on track.

AC: Tell us about your playlist?

DD: In North Alabama, summertime means heading to the creeks or rivers and (if you’re lucky) a quick trip down to the Gulf (of Mexico) to escape the heat. Whether I’m driving, grilling out with friends, or sitting on a riverbank, I prefer to relax with upbeat, melancholy songs that have catchy melodies and strong narratives.

This playlist includes old favorites as well as some newer songs that help me get in the summertime frame of mind.

See Doc and his band mates perform at Secret Stages in Birmingham, Alabama on August 1. And if you can’t catch him live, be sure to purchase his latest album, Catch the Presidents, here.

Photo courtesy of Southern Discipline.

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