August’s Swatch of the Month combines the beading and ruffle elements we explored in May, June, and July. The stencil, Kristina’s Rose, uses curved lines to create a somewhat abstract floral design. Those curves, when accentuated with beads and appliquéd fabric strips, create a texturally rich fabric treatment. We used three different techniques to create this swatch: folded stripe appliqué, beaded chain stitch appliqué, and beaded rosebud stitch.

Begin by cutting ½” strips of fabric in two colors. The number of strips needed will depend upon the surface area your stencil will cover and the number of shapes you choose to appliqué.

Transfer the design to your fabric using your stenciling method of choice. An enlargeable version of this stencil with accompanying instructions and fabric map are shown on pages 126-127 of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design.

Select one rose shape to embellish using folded stripe appliqué. To do this, hold together two of your ½” strips (using the two different colors), then randomly fold them back and forth along the line of the stenciled rose shape, while sewing them into place with a beaded straight stitch. Refer to page 108 of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design for detailed instructions and photographs.

Move to your next rose shape. Using one ½” fabric strip, appliqué using a beaded chain stitch. View page 105 of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design for a detailed photograph.

Choose another rose shape and sew a beaded rosebud stitch (pages 25 and 79 of Alabama Studio Sewing + Design) to cover the stenciled shape. Continue moving from shape-to-shape, alternating techniques until you have completed all of the rose shapes.



2 – 10” x 16” cotton jersey fabric swatch (use a double layer for your base for stability)
1/2” strips of fabric for appliquéd ruffles
Kristina’s Rose stencil
Textile paint
Spray bottle or airbrush gun, depending on stencil-transfer method
Button Craft thread
Chop beads

Basic sewing supplies: needles, embroidery scissors, rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat, Alabama Studio Sewing + Design for instructions on appliqué, beading, and embroidery stitches

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Fabric – 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Top layer fabric color – Black
Backing layer fabric color – Black
Appliqué strip fabric colors – Black and Navy
Stencil – Kristina’s Rose
Textile paint – Pearl Slate
Techniques – Folded stripe appliqué, beaded chain stitch appliqué, and beaded rosebud stitch
Button Craft thread – Black #2
Bead type – Black chop beads

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