Our longtime friend and collaborator Anna Maria Horner has created a new line of knit jersey fabric – Anna Maria Knits. On my recent visit to Nashville for Anna Maria’s newest venture, Craft South, we hosted a joint workshop that focused on combining machine and hand techniques with both Alabama Chanin and Anna Maria Horner knits.  Before Craft South, we got a sneak peek and explored what might come of applying our techniques to the colorful designs.

Her 100% cotton interlock fabric is available in 5 prints with 3 different colorways each, for a total of 15 different pieces. When planning these new textiles, Anna Maria opted for a knit she felt would work well with a sewing machine, in addition to hand stitching. Those who love texture and pattern can experiment with combining our Alabama Chanin stencil designs and techniques with these patterned knits.

Alabama Chanin Cotton Jersey in Peacock with Sealing Wax Knit as Reverse Applique backing using our new Large Polka Dot stencil

ANNA MARIA HORNER KNITSLeft: Cracking Codes knit with Alabama Chanin Light Indigo cotton jersey worked as Negative Reverse Appliqué using our Anna’s Garden stencil
Right: Alabama Chanin cotton jersey in Peacock with Cracking Codes knit backing worked as Reverse Appliqué using our Paisley stencil

We are excited about the possibilities that Anna Maria’s new knit fabrics offer and will be experimenting with combinations of embellishment and pattern ourselves. Look for new projects in the coming weeks.

For more information on Anna Maria and her products, visit her website here.

ANNA MARIA HORNER KNITSSealing Wax knit used as both backing and applique layer and worked with our Anna Maria Horner Little Flowers stencil


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  1. Sara Crystal

    great idea. I cant wait to get some. I used the paisley stencil for an upcycled leather skirt, black on black, smooth on suede. it would make a really nice dress with the paisleys. how about a knit with the spirals? love sara

  2. Amy Thompson

    When you say ‘raw edge applique’ you mean just sewn down without turning the edge under first? You put this on a stretchy fabric, too? I didn’t think I could ever do that and now I think I’m going to have to try it, but I am wondering if I’m understanding correctly. Sincerely,

  3. Krista

    I have purchased every quilting cotton line Anna Maria has put out, and am now a die hard Alabama Chanin fan, starting my own projects with knits! To see two of my favorite creative women do something together is the best of the best! Thank you for sharing!