Today we introduce our newest Alabama Chanin silhouettes like our Marie Pencil Skirt and Garter Dress which have a flattering and feminine shape, alongside our Peasant Top and Factory Dress which offer a more relaxed fit.


Classics styles, like our Corset and Long Fitted Skirt, are combined with new stencil designs like ‘Aurora,’Marie,’ and ‘New Leaves.’ Other classic designs like our ‘Daisy’ and ‘Magdalena’ remain. Choose from neutral shades, or a burst of Really Red—one of our newest colors. Look for new designs, colors, and an updated website over the coming weeks…

xoNatalie and all of us @ Alabama Chanin


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  1. Laura

    Every one of these designs, stencils…..all of it are divine. The pencil skirt is enough to make a girl push away creme brûlée in hopes of a better fit. The red is fabulous and this is from someone who seldom wears the color. I am and have been a devoted admirer for a long time. I invested in all three books and continue to produce a garment or two a month, none as lavishly stenciled or embellished, but adored by me. I look forward to your next book and splurge whenever possible to purchase your designs. Maybe someday I can make the trip down and submerge in you and your culture. You are simply wonderful.