“Zero” is both a number and a concept. It is both incredibly complex and perfectly simple. Zero is both a value and a digit—a number and a placeholder. It can be called: nil, oh, naught, nada, and zilch. Complex chemical and physical theories involve and surround the concept of zero. All of this to say that, though the word “zero” may describe something that is very small, the larger idea of zero is very, very big.

Our goal at Alabama Chanin is to become a zero waste company. This means we repurpose and recycle every possible material, letting nothing go to waste. There are times when it is challenging to approach design with the idea of waste in mind; designing patterns and establishing cutting techniques that maximize our materials are not necessarily glamorous or exciting tasks. But, we believe taking those extra steps makes our products—and our company—more beautiful.


As part of our new Alabama Chanin DIY Collection, we are introducing the Zero stencil. The design is a play on the classic hardware store, house-numbering stencils applied with spray paint and a quick hand—only a bit elevated. The stencil is easy to appliqué and reverse appliqué and can be outlined or filled with sequins and beads.


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