In 2014, we were inspired by our extensive fabric library—and readers expressed interest in trying new techniques—to create our first Swatch of the Month Club. Our library of sample swatches archives over 500 techniques, embroideries, fabric treatments, and colorways that we have experimented with or used in past and upcoming Alabama Chanin collections.

If you have visited one of our trunk shows or attended a workshop, you have likely browsed giant binders of these swatches. Each individual sample represents a small moment in our company’s history and growth—as a whole, they represent a decade of design history. In 2015, we are offering a new Swatch of the Month Club with an expanded selection of stencils and techniques. We learned a few things about this process during our 2014 run and have updated the program this year to reflect those lessons and streamline, saving packaging and reducing our carbon-footprint.

When you enroll in Swatch of the Month 2015, you will receive the full year’s necessary notions (thread, embroidery floss, and a label), along with the first month’s swatch in a beautifully wrapped box. For those who want to add additional embellishment to swatches, you have the option to add 6oz. of chop beads, 6oz. of bugle beads, and 1oz. of sequins for an extra $30—or you may choose to purchase sequins and beads separately. Select this option upon ordering and you will receive all beads, along with your notions, in your first package. After the initial shipment, we will mail your 10” x 16” fabric swatches and an informational insert via United States Postal Service (USPS) at the beginning of each month.


Detailed instructions for all of our monthly highlighted techniques can be found in Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. Look for information on each swatch—including photos, tips on techniques, and our design choices—on our Journal at the beginning of each month. Our stencils and design options for 2015 include Angie’s Fall and Eyelets from Alabama Studio Style, alongside our new Polka Dots stencils in a range of sizes.

Those who participate in Swatch of the Month can use finished swatches to complete any of the projects we shared in 2014 and new projects that will launch in the coming months; or you may save all of your swatches to make a 24 Block Quilt as shown in the illustration below or add one swatch to make our Sample Block Quilt—which uses 25 sample blocks. We will be including an additional bonus swatch in December of 2015 that you can choose to make the 25 block quilt if you’ve subscribed for both years. We’ve also chosen to keep our color offerings consistent from year-to-year, to allow you to create projects using any combination of completed swatches.




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  1. Valerie

    Which colour scheme is shown in the photographs? Is that Blues?

    I’m not sure if Blues or Neutrals will have to look I envision. Is there a place to get an idea of how the colours will look? I poked around and didn’t find it.


    1. Alabama

      Hi Valerie,
      You are correct – it is the Blues. Next year on the Journal, we will feature various embroidered colorways. We are working on those projects now. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, if you look at the Swatch of the Month project from last March, we used Neutrals for this project: http://alabamachanin.com/journal/2014/03/diy-swatch-pillows/
      Though the designs are not the same, it can hopefully give you a sense of how the Neutrals look. Thank you.

  2. Kate

    Love the new swatch designs :). On the Custom DIY section, i don’t see any swatch choice in the list of garments available; am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks…

  3. Mary

    Can I order the 2014 Swatch of the Month Club through the end of 2015 or am I misreading that and it’s only through December 31, 2014?

    Thanks so much.

    1. Alabama

      Hi Mary,
      Yes, you can order 2014 Swatch of the Month Club through the end of 2015 and will receive the entire package all at once. Thanks!

  4. Donna G

    My sister introduced me to your sewing techniques and sent me a lovely gift from your store. I’m hooked. I do have some difficulty finding stuff on your site. Probably me, I’m not too tech savy. I love the thought of a swatch of the month. I cannot find a price for it though.

    Could you please either let me know where to look on your sight, or send me the cost.

    Thanks so very much,
    Donna G

    1. Alabama

      Hi Ginger,

      Our team created a few alternatives to the monthly subscription, so while we don’t have the traditional Swatch of the Month program for this year—we do have options for you to create your own collection of embroidered swatches.

      The Design Bundle is offered in six colorways and comes with thread, floss, beads, and sequins: https://alabamachanin.com/products/curated-fabric-and-sewing-notions-for-design

      You could pair the Basic (https://alabamachanin.com/products/basic-jersey-fabric-design-swatch-bundle) and Painted Design Stacks (https://alabamachanin.com/products/floral-organic-jersey-fabric-design-swatch-bundle) to develop your swatches and purchase thread and notions separately.

      Or you could design your own series of swatches through our Custom DIY service: https://alabamachanin.com/custom-diy-accessories-home-other

      If you have more questions about the difference in the options, please give us a call at 256-760-1090. Happy Sewing!