Docendo discimus — “by teaching, we learn”
–Seneca the Younger

As we slide into 2015, we invite you to join us for one (or more) of our Workshops offered through The School of Making. As a company, Alabama Chanin believes strongly in the ideas of sharing, collaborating, exploring, educating, learning by doing, and—in the process—creating a community; our hope is that our work will produce a happy work environment, happy people, happy products, and a happier Mother Nature.

As Alabama Chanin and The School of Making continue to grow, so do our Workshops. Over the coming months we have a variety of Workshops scheduled and more to be added. We will have events lasting a week, a weekend, one-day, one-hour, and two-hours; some events will be held at The Factory, with other events in Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, New York, California, and beyond.

Here is an overview of the events we have planned. Come one, come all; come to one, come to all.

Continuing the conversation we started in 2014, every second Monday of the month, we will host a series of lectures and discussions called On Design. Each month we will cover topics of design, art, business, community, sustainability, and more. All events will be held at The Factory and will be formatted as informal talks, multi-media presentations, and hands-on workshops.

During the first week of March we will be hosting two events at The Factory in collaboration with friend and mentor Ari Weinzweig, co-founding partner and CEO of Zingerman’s Community of Business. The first will be an intimate cocktail dinner with Ari, who will be on hand to sign copies of his books as well as put his special touch on dinner with ingredients and recipes from Zingerman’s. The second event will be an in-depth two-hour workshop led by Ari. Don’t miss the chance to meet, greet, and learn about Ari’s invaluable “secrets” to building a special, sustainable business.

April 11th will feature our Annual Open House and Community Picnic. The event is open to the public and includes a series of one-hour Mini-Workshops and studio tours.

In May, we will offer a Two-Hour Sewing Workshop at the Southern Makers gathering in Montgomery, Alabama, followed by a One-Day Stenciling Workshop at The Factory on Thursday, May 14. Our Classic Studio Weekend (also at The Factory) starts the following day, May 15, and continues through the entire weekend. Participants will get all the materials and instruction they need to create a customized, hand-sewn garment or project of their choice.

This coming June will be a busy one as we host two one-week workshops at The Factory and a weekend sewing getaway at the Blackberry Farm resort in Tennessee. The first week-long event will focus on taking measurements, creating patterns, and all you need to know about alterations. The second will be an in-depth immersion into the variety of techniques and processes used in the creation of an Alabama Chanin garment. We are offering another Classic Sewing Weekend, an all-inclusive event at beautiful Blackberry Farms; participants will work with Natalie and the Alabama Chanin team to create a custom garment or project of their choosing.

As we evolve as a company, so do the Workshops, and this October we are excited to host a One-Day Indigo seminar where students will spend the day with our dye house experts, Diane Hall and Maggie Crisler, learning how to set up an indigo vat.


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