The School of Making is firmly in place.

Our new collection of DIY Kits is being loved (and completed) by many.

The occasional frustration of writing a book is now replaced with the joy and pride of making something new and beautiful.

Now, we can hardly believe that the arrival of Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns is just around the corner.


A few facts about Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns:

I really wanted the book to be called Addendum because 1) I love that word, and 2) this is important information that makes our first three books more usable.

I also wanted to include three new patterns in this book: our Classic Coat/Jacket/Cardigan, The A-Line Dress/Tunic/Top, and our Wrap Skirt in three lengths. These are customer favorites, and the A-Line Dress is part of my daily uniform.

There is a CD at the end of the book containing the patterns for all of the new garment patterns PLUS all of the garment patterns from our first three books. For the first time, all of these patterns are available in a format that makes it possible to print the patterns in (mostly) one full piece of paper on a wide-format printer.

Most importantly, the book is filled with illustrated guidelines for customizing the fit and style of each type of garment. You will learn about refashioning shapes, raising and lowering necklines, taking in and letting out waistlines, and many more ways to customize garments, allowing you to tailor your Alabama Chanin wardrobe to your own shape and size.

We’ve included basic instructions for embellishing our organic cotton jersey, highlighting our work with stencils, embroidery, and beading. Our New Leaves stencil is featured, alongside some favorites like Magdalena, and our variations of Polka Dots.

We expect the book to land in late March and we will start signing and shipping pre-ordered copies (along with a special gift) as soon as they arrive. (We will ship in a first ordered/first delivered basis).


Order Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns.

Sign up for one of our workshops here.

Get sewing here.

Photos from Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns from Rinne Allen, Robert Rausch, and Abraham Rowe.


Thank you to all the (real) women who made this book possible. Without you, we would be nothing.


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  1. Vicki

    So excited!! The pre-order of this book was a birthday present from my husband in November, and I have been happily anticipating its release ever since!

  2. Carol DeMarti

    I have pre ordered already. I’m wondering if and when the “New leaves” stencil will be available.
    I have nothing but respect and admiration for your company (well adoration for the clothes to!).

  3. marijke

    Pre-ordered the book some time ago and really looking forward to receiving it!

    I love the group photo — the photos in the books (the other 3) are beautifully done always, but this picture shows the clothes look fabulous on real women of many shapes and sizes. Thank you for valuing these women’s contributions to the project and for showing the clothes on these real women.

  4. Marjie

    Book pre-ordered, to add to my collection of Alabama Chanin books! I can’t wait to learn how to alter the patterns to fit; very excited about new patterns (Yay Yay Yay), and looking forward to printing on my larger-format printer.


  5. Susan

    this is fantastic. the group photo is top. yea for using all sized women….can’t wait to see what’s in the book (pre-ordered here in France even!)

  6. Christina

    Natalie and company, you all are truly an inspiration and an aspiration to me, I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about the new book. Your generosity of spirit will come back to you tenfold.

  7. Christa

    Looking forward to this! What size range will the new patterns fit? Will the original patterns be expanded to include XXL sizes?

    1. Alabama

      Hi Christa,

      All of the new patterns in the book are sized from XS – XXL. The patterns from our previous books have been sized up to fit an XXL as well, and we have updated our size chart to include measurements for our new size range.

  8. norah obrien

    Please design simple,but pretty undergarments. (panties, sports bra)
    Most undergarments contain spandex, lycra, or some other synthetic.
    Imagine wearing a bikini made from a plastic hefty bag that is filled with hungry mosquitoes.
    That is how synthetic fabrics can feel.
    Occasionally, 100 % cotton undies, (with the elastic covered by fabric), can be found. They have a thick blob side seam. Would you want to wear these “granny panties?

    Sold as a “kit”, this would make great use of smaller scraps of your fabric?
    a million thank yous

  9. Grace

    This is such fantastic news! I’m off to pre-order my own copy.
    Quick question… will the CD patterns include tiled PDFs that we can print out at home?

    1. Alabama


      If you wish to print at home, you can choose to tile the document in your print settings. For example, in Adobe Reader (which is free to download), you can select ‘Poster’ to print the file in tiled form. Most graphics programs offer this print option.

  10. kyra

    I really have been looking forward to this book but from what I read here, the patterns are not in a format suitable to print at home. If I choose the tilded option on my printer, glueing the pages will be difficult because of the lack of marks… This is very disappointing. I don’t have the money to pay for having them printed at a copy shop.