He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.
– Francis of Assisi

Introducing new DIY kits inspired by our brand new book, Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns. Be on the lookout for kit details and design choices on our Journal in the coming months…

To engage your hands, your head, and your heart:

A refreshing spin on one of our longest-running and most popular patterns: the Corset, now available in DIY New Leaves and DIY Magdalena.

Our classic DIY V-Neck Shell Top, updated with a placement Magdalena stencil accenting the neckline.

The versatile and effortless DIY A-Line Dress, now offered in the New Leaves design, as featured in Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns.

Try a variation of our Fitted Skirt with the DIY Magdalena Mid-Length Skirt and the DIY Magdalena Fitted Skirt with pockets.

The patterns and kits from our newest book are inspired by real women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and ages.




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  1. Lorraine

    I can’t wait to see the new kits. I’m loving the new book. I had a chance to see it during the Nov. workshop and couldn’t wait for it to be delivered. It is awesome! The section on pattern alterations is genius. I’ve always wanted some help in that area so it is perfect for me. It has arrived just in the nick of time. I’m working on a jacket from a commercial pattern and adding a layer of very thin cotton batting since I need to ‘New Yorkify’ this for colder weather. I can certainly use the info from this book for fitting. Love, love love it.

  2. Marjie

    Too excited to sleep when I opened my new Alabama Chanin package last night. Delightful little goodies included with the book, and I’m over the moon for the A-line dress and the jacket! Can’t wait to get started! Y’all are the very best!!

  3. Brenda Marks

    The new book is inspirational and wonderful! I feel like it’s imbued with the AC spirit like the ones preceding it.

    I am so happy that the MLK Jr. quote corset made it into this one (p. 72). That is an image and quote that has stuck with me for a long time.

    I loved seeing the variety of models and wish there was a pic of Natalie in there. (Maybe something for next time. : )

    Thank you! I know these books are a labor of love, and I so appreciate them.

  4. Linda Budd

    I know I bought this new book (and all your other books), but they still feel like presents! 🙂 Thank you for hours and hours of stitching pleasure and inspiration!