Today, we launch our new Unisex T-shirt garment pattern—available in paper and PDF form through our newly re-organized Studio Books + Patterns page for The School of Making. Available for purchase at $18 – $24, it includes the nested pattern and comes in sizes XS to XXL along with instructions for fabric selection, cutting, and garment construction. All of our patterns are the results of hours creating drawings, drafting patterns, making samples, readjusting the patterns, sewing more samples, and finally, grading each pattern by hand into a range of sizes that are then translated to our digital, nested versions. These new PDF patterns (more styles coming very soon) are designed for printing on wide-format printers or desktop printers. We ask that you respect our policies and use our patterns for personal projects, as they are designed for individual use and not intended for commercial ventures or reproducing and distributing.

New Patterns, New Resources Each of our Studio Books provides a variety of stencil artwork—which means you have permission to reproduce them for home use and on your projects. We now offer these stencil designs—along with many of our all-time favorites—for purchase as paper or downloadable PDFs. This change in our Studio Books + Patterns highlights some of our newly formatted stencil designs which include:  a tiled version to print on letter- or A4-sized paper that you can piece together more easily at home, a full-scale PDF file that you can email or take to the local copy shop to print full-scale on a wide format printer, instructions for creating a stencil, and stencil transfer instructions. Find more information on how to print a pattern here.


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  1. Barb

    Thank you for making the patterns available in XXL. 🙂
    I am counting the days until payday when I can order the newest book.
    (A few months back while I was backing to sell my house, I was down to just keeping the necessities easily at hand. You know, toothbrush, my favorite cast iron skillet and my Alabama Chanin books.)