If there’s something we have learned from our DIY community and The School of Making programming, it’s that our fellow makers can be passionate and prolific. In a world focused on “fast fashion” we are constantly inspired to see so many taking time and effort to create meaningful things.

Quite a few of you have participated in Me Made May over the course of the last month. For the uninitiated, Me Made May was dreamed up by Zoe Edwards, a blog writer who, for the past 5 years, issued a challenge for makers across the globe to wear clothing they have created, during the month of May. While not everyone can wear something handmade every day, many have taken up the challenge with gusto.

So for May’s Month of Instagram, we are posting some of your beautiful photos of Me Made May garments alongside Alabama Chanin’s photos. If you participated this year (and have not done so already), please post your photos to Instagram and Twitter using the #mmmay15 hashtag – and also #theschoolofmaking, if yours is an Alabama Chanin garment.

Photos courtesy of @catcounts, @differentmeasure, @ebbandsew, @goodyarmamona, @heyallday, @hisclementine, @kaygardiner, @krrbsale, @lauramaedesigns, @lavalark, @making.it, @mbmoore, @melaniefalick, @qoyah_yisrael, @reneeplains, @subloke, and @yarnonthehouse

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  1. Lisa P.

    I’m so glad you are highlighting this! I’m participating for the first time this year, and so many of my garments are either your patterns or inspired by your methods and style. I’m not posting to Instagram or Twitter (I chose to do Pinterest and Flicker instead), but I am posting on my blog. Your influence shows up in every week. If you’d like to take a look, my blog can be found at http://www.patternandbranch.wordpress.com. Your books were some of the first that I really connected with and that gave me the confidence to make my clothes, try new things, and work with the skills I had (not to mention learn new ones). They also freed me from any fear of sewing with knits. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of making.

  2. Claudia

    I’m getting ready to write a blog post called “If I Didn’t Document It, Did It Happen?” I am the worst at posting images to Instagram or updating my blog. I’m gung-ho at the beginning and then the rest of my life takes over. However, I did participate in MeMadeMay, and it was great. I realized I had a lot of items I’d made that weren’t getting the love they deserved; maybe because I didn’t value them as highly as some of purchased items (a deeper benefit of MeMadeMay – love your own handiwork!). I’m looking to continue this, still working on my version of Seam Allowance project from A Verb for Keeping Warm (one of the best names for a yarn/fabric shop I’ve come across) and which I was introduced to here on this blog. (See, I can follow them but keeping mine up…)

  3. Qoya W.

    This was an amazing opportunity to share what I love sooo dearly, “Hand Sewn Embellished Garments”!
    Nothing compares to a hand sewn garment…..not only do I love wearing them; I have an unquenchable desire to continue making them.

    The stencils, the paint, the thread, the fabric, the beads….the entire construction process is captivating and rewarding.

    I’m so thankful for the wonderful staff at Alabama Chanin and for Zoe Edwards who presented us with this challenge. My Alabama Chanin book collection will never collect dust….

    Thanks again!
    XOXO, Qoya