In April, I traveled to Chicago to lecture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While there, I spent some time at the Art Institute and found great inspiration from the works displayed in their galleries. (For someone who has been considering scale and texture quite a bit lately, Elena Manferdini’s exhibition gave me plenty to think about.)

I immediately felt connected to one of the Georgia O’Keeffe paintings, which took me back to 2012 when Alabama Chanin hosted a Weekend Away Workshop in Taos, New Mexico. The workshop was held at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, and I slept in the very room that Georgia O’ Keeffe stayed in some 60 years ago.


Georgia O’Keeffe, American, 1887 – 1986
Sky Above Clouds IV, 1965
Oil on canvas

Sky Above Clouds IV depicts patterns and changing colors of the desert landscape. While flying over New Mexico, I took in the vast expanse of sky and clouds she often depicted in her works, and it left a lasting impression on me.

As we have been recently exploring the design and scale of our New Leaves stencil, I looked at the scale of her work with new eyes. She began the work on a 3’ x 4’ canvas, but the final piece is breathtakingly 24’ wide. The hazy blues fade out of the bold foreground and draw your eye to the horizon.

Today, we highlight our Painted A-Line Dress, a one-of-a-kind Indigo garment that was custom made and hand dyed for our new collection—inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe and her incredible artistry.


While we’ve worked with Indigo for over seven years, last summer we announced our first one-of-kind collection, dyed here at The Factory. And this year we take our designs a step further: adding hand-painted details to the garment before its indigo dye bath. The final step layers the New Leaves appliqué, in various shades of indigo, onto the prepared dress.

Process: Construct / Paint / Overdye / Embroider

Check back in a few weeks, as we add more specialty pieces to our ever-changing collection.

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  1. mindy

    I’m fascinated by this dress. I think it’s so lovely, and if it were my size, I would absolutely buy it! but, alas, it is not. do you think you could describe the process in a little more detail? I’ve been trying to figure it out. the inside looks so solidly dark that I’m mystified. what color fabric did you start out with? it doesn’t seem as if it could be your natural, but perhaps I’m just not understanding what you’ve done. anyway, it’s gorgeous!

  2. Tracy

    I grew up near Chicago, and I love that painting (I remember it from school trips, and I still pay it a visit every time we go back). The Art Institute is fantastic, isn’t it? I nearly went to school there and still kind of regret not going.

    (Love the dress — and the inspiration!)

  3. Lisa

    I love the back-and-forth between art and design and your wearable art. It’s so cool to see design ideas realized in what someone can wear every day.

  4. Kati Lovasz

    You’re like Emmet Gowin in how creatively and intelligently you link things together, except a woman who honors women’s concerns and doings. It’s wonderful, and very much needed. Thank you.