Makeshift is a series of events, talks, workshops, and gatherings that invite a dynamic group of participants to explore the ways in which the fashion, art, and design worlds are inextricably linked to the world of craft and DIY, and how each of these worlds elevates the others.

In its fourth year, Makeshift conversations create an intersection where we can explore, discuss, and celebrate the role of local production, handmade, and craft/DIY in fashion and design as a way to empower individuals, businesses, and communities.

We continue to expand the ideas that were born from our first Makeshift event in 2012 to create a global conversation among artists, designers, and makers. Each year, panelists and participants share their stories and experiences involving collaborative projects and making within their industries. And in 2013, we introduced a method to facilitate the conversation: guests were invited to express their thoughts, literally or conceptually, using an organic cotton tote bag from Alabama Chanin as a blank canvas. A variety of materials were also provided to design, decorate, and customize each bag.


Catherine Bailey of Heath Ceramics has been an active participant for Makeshift each year, and in 2013 Alabama Chanin, Heath Ceramics, and The Standard partnered with Tumblr to expand the voice of the Makeshift project globally. We invited artists, designers, writers, musicians, chefs, and makers from across the planet to participate by creating their own bags and contributing a photograph of their customized work to a Tumblr Image Quilt: photographs of each bag create a piece, or square, published to a Tumblr page created specifically for the Makeshift series. We’ve added images to the Tumblr page as the conversation has grown and photographs are submitted.

This year, as part of Alabama on Alabama, Natalie, Heath Ceramics, Catherine Bailey, and Robin Petrovic, will host a special Makeshift conversation about design, making, craft, and fashion, as we celebrate the launch of the new additions to the Alabama Chanin + Heath Ceramics Collaboration. A workshop will be held following the conversation where participants will receive an organic canvas tote with materials to design and decorate their bag. We invite you to join the conversation.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Conversation   5:30pm – 6:30pm
Workshop        6:45pm – 8:00pm

Heath Ceramics
2900 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

The conversation is free and open to the public with limited seating.

The workshop cost is $85. It includes a seat for the 5:30 conversation with Natalie Chanin and Cathy Bailey immediately preceding the workshop, a seat for the workshop, and a DIY Tote Kit and materials.

You’re also free to bring your own embellishments to add to your tote bag creation. When you’re done, you will have the opportunity to submit your image for the Tumblr Image Quilt. Tag your images across social media using: #makeshift2015 and #theschoolofmaking


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