This week, we are pleased to launch Alabama Chanin Collection #29—with never before seen garment styles and stencils. Natalie has been working for many years to grow a talented design team that understands our company mission and helps advance the design story we tell with each collection.


The garments are presented in four main colors—Natural, Black, Ochre, and Peacock, the latter acting as a continuation of our Indigo Blue color story. We drew inspiration from graphic design and interiors as we created the patterns and design motifs. The new, prominently featured Tony stencil was inspired by a vintage book cover; another new embroidery motif—Dots and Dashes—was inspired by an antique wallpaper pattern. The entire collection reflects this same design approach.

We are also employing new techniques—continuing the hand painting technique used in our one-of-a-kind Indigo garments and introducing a new triple-layered technique, a sort-of double-negative reverse appliqué, inspired by a South American textile technique. For the first time, we are introducing garments made from organic French Terry. We have worked with our supplier in North Carolina to ensure this fabric meets the same standards as our organic cotton jersey and are excited about the results.


You will see new styles introduced, including an updated corset, more jackets, and new takes on our popular poncho. These garments are designed to help expand and diversify your wardrobe by just adding one or two new pieces.

Look for highlights of our design process, inspirations, and new designs very soon…

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  1. susaninfrance particularly the colors. congrats on another stunning collection…to natalie and the whole Alabama Chanin team!!

  2. Brenda Marks

    Once again, you’ve hit this out of the ball park! I’m almost speechless – French terry: yum. Triple fabric layers: genius. The new stencil/patterns: love. The sum of the parts: outstanding. Thank you for eye candy that will leave me inspired for months!

  3. Dinna

    Beautiful work! The new patterns are mouth watering and the update / new takes on old favorites are a delight. Thank you for giving us so much to look forward to!

    1. Alabama

      Thank you for your comment, Kimberly. The poncho I believe you are referring to is called the Maya Poncho – we do not have this pattern available for DIY as it is part of our past collection. However, if you are interested in purchasing a Maya Poncho, you can contact our Personal Stylist, Betsy, and she can help you with custom orders and any additional questions you may have. You can reach her at