Short Stack Editions is a beautiful series of small-format, hand-bound publications that are half cookbook, half food magazine. Each 4 1/2” x 7 1/2” edition is inspired by a single ingredient and written by an array of chefs, cookbook authors, and food writers. To sum it up, Short Stack Editions are a food-lovers’ pocket-sized dream—and are as functional as they are collectible. (Our staff has been poring over the volumes since their arrival at The Factory.)

Thirty three ingredient-inspired volumes have been published, including two of our favorite ingredients, Buttermilk and Grits, written by Angie Mosier and Virginia Willis (respectively). Each booklet is printed locally and constructed by hand with baker’s twine. In fact, several copies of Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli were bound at a Book Binding Party.


The recipes in each colorful edition have been tested by the author, creating a collection of dependable, enduring, and well-loved recipes. Of course, exploration of ingredients and recipes are encouraged in true do-it-yourself fashion.

From Short Stack: “Each edition is a love letter from one cook to his or her favorite ingredient, with recipes that will have you reaching for your skillet before you’ve finished reading the title.”

P.S.: Brooklyn-based editor and publisher Nick Fauchald funded the idea for this series through Kickstarter—the unique idea caught on fast, and Nick far exceeded his original $50,000 fundraising goal.

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Find Short Stack Editions here.

And read more about the writers and chefs here.


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