I assume that most folks imagine that the Maggie Top/Tunic/Dress is named after my daughter Maggie—and they would be right, in a way. What few people know is that the garment is named after an apron/smock dress that my Maggie wore and loved as a three-year-old. One day as I was dressing her and life seemed a bit out-of-control (what mother of a three-year-old doesn’t feel out-of-control at some point), it seemed like the perfect uniform to simplify my life—and it did.

It simplified my life, became a core staple in the Alabama Chanin collection, and is now the first pattern in our Build a Wardrobe program.

Using our Anna’s Garden stencil worked in negative reverse appliqué, we took inspiration from both the 2014 Swatch of the Month and the shot of the Maggie Dress shown above at right from our Fall/Winter 2010 collection. I’m a sucker for a pair of garden gloves, a garden hat, and a pair of rubber boots.

Pair your tunic with my favorites—The Rib Crew with long sleeves and The Rib Skirt. Use #buildawardrobe2016 and #theschoolofmaking to share your projects.

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Fabric weight – 100% organic medium-weight organic cotton jersey
Fabric color for outer layer – Parchment
Fabric color for inner layer – Parchment
Button Craft thread – Cream #256
Textile paint color – Pearl Grey
Stencil – Anna’s Garden
Technique – Negative reverse appliqué
Knots – Outside
Seams – Inside felled
Binding stitch – Cretan stitch

P.S.: There are lots of variations of apron and smock dresses available. Andrea Zittel did a fantastic project around the smock. You can find our version of the project here on our Journal.

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  1. Jennifer

    Have you ever thought about the patterns being made available for international sewers like myself (Australia) as a digital download only – no fabric or printed pattern as an option. I love the idea of the build your wardrobe but the cost is way outside of my budget (a bad exchange rate makes it nearly double the US$ amount) and I currently have more fabric that I know what to do with. Love the look of the Maggie Tunic, its something I would make and probably live in, but instead of the applique I would do some hand stamping as I have a large collection of wooden stamp blocks from India. Thank you

  2. Jennifer

    Thank you for the link and I will definitely be dowloading it this week. Am only just exploring the website (have all the books and love them). I am sure I will find lots of inspiration and light bulb moments while looking around.