Along with a rich musical history, growing local food movement, and burgeoning restaurant scene, Florence is home to The University of North Alabama (more commonly known as UNA). Founded in 1830 as LaGrange College, UNA is the oldest public university in the state of Alabama and has played a significant role in the vitality of Florence. In addition to undergraduate and graduate programs in colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, and Nursing and Health, UNA also offers a continuing education program for people of all ages. The program extends educational and training resources to adults seeking continuing personal and professional development, and to employers seeking updated workplace skills.

We’re excited to announce that, starting this fall, Alabama Chanin and The School of Making will take another step to connect with our community and offer a hand sewing course through UNA’s Continuing Education Program.

Our master seamstress emeritus, Diane Hall, will be teaching a six-week course on hand sewing that will help students develop and perfect their hand sewing and embroidery skills. Students will also learn how to sew using the methods of our Alabama Chanin artisans and be provided with a basic introduction to the Alabama Chanin artisan program. Suited for beginner and advanced sewers alike, this class will include all necessary materials and will encourage an in-depth discussion of the physics of sewing, garment construction, appliqué, and other Alabama Chanin sewing techniques.


Visit here for a full list of course offerings, and to learn more about the Continuing Education Program.


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  1. Patti Calande

    Diane is a wonderful teacher. She’s a pleasure to be around, so easy to understand, with decades of experience to share. This is great opportunity for the community to learn from the her. I wish I lived closer!

  2. Laura

    Oh how I wish I could take this class, alas I reside in Minnesota. I hope to take a road trip in the future to visit and be amazed by all things Alabama Chanin. Much love

  3. Maureen

    I live just south of Newport, Rhode Island and would give anything to take these classs! There are NO sewing classes here in southern, RI. I’m offering free room and board for one of your teachers to teach at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design in Providence) for a series of classes. Share the wealth and please think about it…drop dead beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants and grateful students await you…please just say yes!!! 🙂

  4. Claudia

    Having met Diane at the workshop I attended, I know it’s going to be a fabulous class. If only I didn’t have a job (in Canada)! Congrats on expanding the handsewing universe!

  5. P.R.

    Oh, this class sounds wonderful. I live in the Midwest, but if I could take a sabbatical from my job to take this course, I would. I hope an online class is in the works!

  6. Nadia

    I second the online class option idea. Would it be possible, for example, to take this class via Skype? Thank you!

  7. Dianne L. Allen

    I cannot travel and would love for this to be given online. Certainly UNA has access to a product like Skype that could be set up easily and does not have limitations on number of participants. Also, it could be given in tandem with the live class. This information could benefit a lot of people. Please email if this can be set up. I am impressed by the positive feedback about Diane and the class.

  8. Jean Shaw

    An online option would be terrific. But in the meantime, how wonderful that you have established this–what a great opportunity for folks in the area.

    1. Alabama Post author

      Hello Janie,
      For information about UNA’s upcoming events and programs for continuing education, click here.
      Also here is a PDF for the 2018 Workers’ Compensation Seminars for Continuing Education.