The words ‘Rabbit Rabbit’, spoken on the first day of the month, are believed to bring you good luck for the rest of that month. The idea is to say it on the first of every month, so you’ll always have good luck.

This old English superstition was picked up in the United States in the early 1900s, though the symbol of good fortune brought by rabbits dates back more than 2000 years. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was known to carry a rabbit’s foot in his pocket during the 1932 election, and he spoke the words ‘Rabbit Rabbit’ as his first every month. (It must have worked for him.)

The words have to be your first and have to be spoken out loud. There are variations like ‘White Rabbits’ or ‘Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit’ (three times). But don’t worry, if you happen to forget in a fit of tiredness when you wake, you can either say ‘Black Rabbit’ or ‘Tibbar Tibbar’ before you go to sleep for the same good fortune.

Sure, this belief might be a little corny—but we’ll take the risk for good fortune. May it bring you laughter, love, and peace.


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  1. Linda Eveland

    Rabbit, rabbit spoken each time you see same numbers time on a digital clock. 10:10, 5:55. Some people also take 12:34. Etc. Rabbit rabbit and make a wish. My daughter brought this home from school in the 80.s if you need a special wish run around the house and hit all your digital debices!.

  2. Linda Eveland

    Rabbit rabbit when you see same time on a digital clock. 5:55, 10:100. Some folks take 12:34. Rabbit rabbit and make a wish.