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We recently wrote about our changes in supply chain, fabric dyeing issues, and difficulty building up our fabric stock. After lengthy discussions and much exploration, we’ve decided to reduce our color selection to 25 of our most popular colors. These colors will be continuously available and include essential colors and customer favorites; while other colors on our color cards, along with additional seasonal, limited-edition colors, will rotate on and off of this list periodically.

Beginning in the spring, we will also offer a seasonal Design Bundle, which will include suggested fabric colors, thread, embroidery floss, paint, and bead choices to match—to help create new design choices and options.


You’ll notice that certain colors on our permanent list might be backordered or at low stock, we are working diligently to re-build our stock and new colors are arriving every week.

While change is never easy, this evolution has given us the opportunity to put the Alabama Chanin vision into action—adapting processes rather than compromising our mission. This is simply another way that we are working to streamline our production processes, by further reducing our company’s waste and condensing our fabric inventory.

We’ve appreciated your patience during this time of transition; please let us know if we can be of assistance in any way.

Purchase our 25 staple colors of medium-weight organic cotton jersey here.

Purchase our new medium-weight organic cotton jersey color card here.

Look for new colors and inspirations in our Design Bundle (along with our newest book on embroidery stitches in the fall) and read about our updated supply chain here.

P.S.: We’ve restocked our Limited-edition Printed Cotton Jersey here.



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  1. Mary

    Does this mean there will be no standard set of lightweight organic fabric? Will that just become a seasonal offering?

  2. Georgia Pearson

    I REALLY need the EARTH color brown , any chance you have a yard pushed back on a shelf somewhere ??? I have just finished the pancho in EARTH ,but the 2 yards provided is to narrow in the shoulders and I need to improvise , I am going to take the seam apart and add a piece to the width and maybe a narrow piece to bring it all together . Maybe the color of the stencil would work , I would call that color PARCHMENT, Any ideas ??? HELP !! G.

    1. Alabama

      Hi Georgia,

      Unfortunately, we do not have any Earth fabric in-stock at this time. We are expecting a shipment of Earth around the end of the month and could fill an order for you then.

      I apologize for any inconvenience this causes you and that you’re having issues with your project. Someone from our team will contact you shortly about hopefully resolving any fit issues you are having.