We officially retired our Fat Eighths last year to make room for new and improved design tools to use in your studio at home. Today, we launch the Design Stack in Basic and Painted versions—available in 5” square or 10” x 16” sample block sizes—with 25 swatches that include one of each color from our Organic Cotton Color Card. The Painted Design Stack is available with our Magdalena stencil design in either tonal or metallic paint.


While we’ve always had color cards available for our Organic Cotton Jersey, this new format gives you larger pieces of fabric to use as you design your next project. Use the 5” Design Stack along with our Project Planner Worksheets as you plan out fabric and paint colors for your next handmade garment. The 10” x 16” Design Stack is perfect for testing out an embroidery technique on a small scale before applying it to a full project. This size also works perfectly with our Headers and Binders for keeping your swatches neatly organized in your very own swatch library. Or if you’d like for your completed swatches to be on display, use them to make a book cover, pillow, tote bag, clutch, or other small projects—or save them all and use them to make a colorful quilt.

Visit our website to purchase your own Basic or Painted Design Stack (or both) along with other supplies for designing and making at home.

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