Like other popular American foods, claims to the creation of the cheeseburger are scattered across the country. Sixteen-year-old Lionel Sternberger is said to have thrown a slice of American cheese on a cooking burger in 1924 at his father’s diner, The Rite Spot, calling it a “cheese hamburger”. The first establishment to serve a cheeseburger from its menu was Kaelin’s restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky in 1934, and the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In in Denver, Colorado trademarked the cheeseburger name in 1935.

The classic cheeseburger is beloved by many and is celebrated every year on September 18th with National Cheeseburger Day—yes, it appears there’s a day for everything. The Factory Café will be celebrating this year by serving up our own version of this classic sandwich, now a regular item on our menu.


The Factory Burger is cooked to order with Georgia-based Joyce Farms grass-fed beef, topped with American cheese, lettuce, house-made dill pickles, shaved Vidalia onion, and The Factory Sauce (a mustard aioli), served on a warm Brioche bun with seasoned potato wedges (or your choice of chips) and a pickle spear. Enjoy with your craft beer of choice—we’re serving from four Alabama breweries: Singin’ River, Blue Pants Brewery, Good People Brewing, and Straight to Ale.


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