In fashion, graphic design, art, architecture, and other creative mediums, designs evolve and change with time. The same is true for website design (and technology)—and with that idea in mind, today we are over-the-moon to announce the launch of the newly designed

What began as a conversation about over a year and half ago, is realized today online.

Like any proud parent, this is something we’re really proud to share.

We want to thank all the team at Hugo & Marie—our website design and development team of over five years. They’ve created a beautiful place for us to call home while connecting to our global community.

Take a look around.

Use our Site Map to help find your way.

Tell us if there are any hiccups. We’ll be spending the next few days working through the kinks.

Tell us what you love. Tell us what we can do better.

Look at it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone (yes, it works there too).

Oh, and we’ve launched a new Collection too.

Navigate Alabama Chanin, The School of Making, The Factory, and Bldg. 14.

Happy Day. Happy Exploring.

xo from all of us @ Alabama Chanin

P.S.:  If you’re still having trouble navigating the site, email us at or call us at 256-760-1090.

If you have frequented our site recently, we suggest refreshing your web browser’s cache to make sure you have the most up-to-date information from our site.

Visit this site to learn how.


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  1. Peggy

    The new website is interesting. It certainly has a clean and sparse look, which seems to fit with the AC brand. But I am not sure it is a total improvement at this point. I primarily use the “School of Making” section of the website, so my comments are confined to those pages. I miss the “color charts” and the ability to see large photos of the color combinations and the actual items. If I were new to AC I would be extremely frustrated trying to choose a kit because it is impossible to see the choices clearly. I have also noticed a glitch with pricing in that the price of the Design Bundle jumps from $198.50 to $200.00 if you actually select a color to add to the cart. Also, I saw Textile Paint offered on the site yesterday and now it is gone — I hope it comes back because that looked like a great addition to the DIY line. Keep up the good work, but please give us back the option to see your offerings much more clearly.

    1. Alabama Post author

      Hi Peggy,

      That’s a great idea about the larger images for the swatches. We’ll add to our list to make those improvements. The Design Bundle is fixed! And the paint will be available in the coming weeks….it snuck in there at the launch. We appreciate the feedback!

  2. Deirdre

    I’m not sure the filters are working in the Collection. If I select pants & skirts, it stills shows me everything. But imma just stare at the Leighton Skirt for the rest of the day anyway, so no rush. So.gorgeous. Mmm.

    1. Alabama Post author

      Hi Deirdre,

      Thanks for the comments! Our web team is on it, and we hope to have the filters working very soon. And yes—that fabric and those construction details are so lovely on the Leighton Skirt…

    2. Alabama

      So glad to hear that you are loving the new Leighton Skirt; it is made with our new organic cotton chambray. Our web team is working to fix the filters and we hope to have those up and running shortly.

  3. Eva

    Although I am sure the new website will take a little getting used to, it is still the same, glorious Alabama Chanin! I am excited for this growth and the new collection; thank you for bringing so much light and love to the darkness around us! I still have my three kits to complete from past winter and spring, but oh my, the spirals stencil and Alabama fur… and the new colorways… be still, my heart.

  4. Tracy

    congratulations on the launch! so much work…you must be so relieved to finally have it done. (well, aside from all the usual post-launch fixes!)

    now, off to look at the eye candy. 🙂

  5. Sara

    The new collection is breathtaking. A comment on the new format – it makes a HUGE difference on how well everything displays on my mobile devices. The look is very modern, as well. Love it.

  6. Jen

    Enjoying your new website! I’m using an iPadPro v. 10.3.3. My problem is in the first frame. When I am using the iPad horizontally, if click on “shop” or “school of making” a white box drops down, but nothing else happens. If I click on the icon again, the box goes away. Using the iPad vertically gives me white box with menus and sub menus, probably the way you intend. Also, agree with Sandra, some of the type is too small, and the gray pull downs for ordering selections are too light and fine. Nice job overall!

    1. Alabama

      Thank you for your detailed feedback, Jen! Our web team is working to make sure all of the menus and categories load correctly.

  7. Pat

    It’s great that the new website is full-page now – the pictures come across much better. The new collection is spectacular as well!
    I do, however, agree with some of the comments about the School of Making section – I find the splash pages disruptive to shopping in this section, and I miss the inclusion of your discontinued color fabric. As well, prices have increased quite a lot, which is a consideration for your customers shopping from outside of the US. A bit frustrating too, that I couldn’t login to my old account…

    1. Alabama

      Thank you for your feedback, Pat!

      Since the Limited-Edition jersey is no longer on the site, please give me a call at 256-760-1090 or email me at and I would be happy to check and see if we have any of the colors you need still in stock. If we do, I can place an order for you over the phone.

      I apologize for your frustrations with your online account. You will need to create a new username and password. Even though your order history will not be on the new site, we have all of your past orders on file and I can look up any information you need.

  8. Kim

    When you select an item then select another picture that is displayed with that item (usually 3 or more views of the same item), there is no way to return back to the other pictures.

  9. Amie

    The customer care link doesn’t work on the patterns page. Can I purchase paper patterns? I cannot make printer adjustments on my iPad:(

    1. Alabama Post author

      Hi Amie,

      Oh no—I’m sorry you are having trouble with the site. I am going to email you with a few more questions that we can resolve this. Currently, we are only offering digital patterns. (Though we do have paper patterns with Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns purchase and Build a Wardrobe subscription.) When you purchase a digital pattern, we’ll email you a link to download the file. If you don’t have the equipment to print it, you can send to a local printer or copy shop and they can print it for you. Let us know if you have any more questions.

  10. Jennifer

    What has happened to PayPal as a payment option – its gone. It may be a glitch/oversite with the site revamp, I hope so. Just went to purchase the last installment of the 2017 Build A Wardrobe. Shame I will no longer be able to purchase my patterns from you. No credit card so I can not purchase.

    1. Alabama Post author

      Hi Jennifer,

      We had a bit of delay implementing PayPal on our new site, but are happy to say that as of yesterday, the checkout option is available again. Thanks for your patience!

  11. Jennifer

    Thank you for the quick response regarding PayPal. Will buy the long awaited final installment of the 2017 build a wardrobe today. 🙂

  12. Jennifer

    Just tried to purchase but PayPal is not coming up as an option. Cleared cache, emptied cart, logged off and restarted computer and still no PayPal. Will try again next week and maybe issue will be resolved by then.