Textile paint is an everyday staple at The School of Making and ­Alabama Chanin. We use it to transfer stencil designs to a multitude of items including the Alabama Chanin Collection, DIY Kits and Custom Kits—we even stencil our gift bags and boxes. Because of our commitment to lean manufacturing, everything is stenciled to order by the expert hand of our stenciling department.

In the past, we have offered base colors along with recipes for mixing the custom colors that we use that coordinate with our Collection colors and DIY Kit offerings. Now, The School of Making is offering custom pre-mixed textile paint colors in White Gold, Slate, Moonlight, Ecru, Fog, and Pearl Silver (with more to come in the future).



You can find our custom mixed Textile Paint here, along with all the other tools you’ll need to create and stencil your own garments—including Mylar stencils and digital artwork to make your own.


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    1. Alabama Chanin

      Hi Sílvia. You can buy most of our stencils as digital purchases. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the download link. The file also includes instructions for how to make the stencil. We have found a number of products that can be used to cut out stencils: mylar, vinyl, pennant felt, cardstock, amd posterboard are all good options. We typically choose whichever material will be most cost effective for the project need. For example, if you are using a stencil once or twice, posterboard is a great option because it is very inexpensive; if you will be using the stencil long-term, mylar or vinyl are better options because, even though they are more costly, these stencils will last much longer with many uses. Happy stenciling!