Hello new Alabama Chanin Collection: new colors, new garment styles, new stencils and patterns, and—for the first time—a new organic chambray fabric. As always, we have styled our designs that these pieces work seamlessly alongside our classic silhouettes and new Core Essentials.

Black Walnut, Vetiver, and Tea Dye complement our current color scheme and can work beautifully as neutrals. The Tea Dye is created in-house using sustainable fabric dyeing practices.


The organic chambray is milled in Japan, but comes to us courtesy of organic cotton pioneer Sally Fox. New garment styles include a full skirt, double-breasted dress, Mid-Length Coat, and a new style of crop top. The Sylvia Dress and Leighton Skirt are both made with the new chambray fabric and are hybrid garments, mixing machine- and hand-sewn components with beautifully tailored details.

(Pro tip: if you find the small color swatches on a garment page to be too small, we recommend scrolling down just a bit for a closer look at the embroideries.)

This collection also introduces the Lee Stencil, inspired by artist Lee Bontecou, who was a pioneer in the use of welded steel and fabric. She often created intricate drawings and sculptures that resembled black holes or voids. We see in her designs a combination of the natural world and technological growth—something relevant to fashion and to our own philosophies. Look for more information on Bontecou on our Journal soon. We’ll also be highlighting some of our favorite new styles in the coming days. In the meantime, view the new Collection here and learn all about our new website.

As seasons change, you can always view the most current Collection here.

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  1. Amelia Neubauer

    I would love to know more about your creative process, as this collection translates beautifully from its original inspiration.

    1. Alabama

      Hi Amelia,

      We have many resources on the Journal about the creative process. Here are some links to help:

      This post goes in depth about the Bauhaus, but also gives a background of Natalie’s upbringing and education which has shaped her creative process:

      This post is great too:

      And through a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts, Natalie interviewed other creatives about their process. I think you might find this interesting as well:

      We hope you find inspiration from these!

  2. Sandi Keiser

    What ever happened to the Lee stencil. Was it ever made available on the website? The line seems to have disappeared and it was one of my favorites. Was hoping to buy the stencil or some printed fabric.

    1. Alabama Chanin

      Hi, Sandi! The Lee stencil was exclusive to our Collection was not available to purchase. Even though the garments and accessories with the Lee stencil are no longer on the website, we would be happy to start a custom order for you. Please reach out to our sales team at to place a custom order. You can also explore all of the stencil that we do offer here: