As we mentioned in our New Bridal + Evening introduction post, the texture of the Tweed pattern is partly inspired by classic tweed fabrics and jackets—and the layering of various textures and types of organic cotton fabrics creates an original textile, all its own.

The design team has been developing our Tweed pattern for two years, making sure that the texture, weight, dimension, and feel of the fabric both represents the Alabama Chanin aesthetic and also reflects innovation in technique and design approach. We worked with Nest to source and incorporate Swarovski crystals into this pattern—the first time we have used crystals in our hand embroidery. Our goal has been to resemble the feel of an actual wool tweed, and the final version has become one of Natalie’s all-time favorite swatches.


The Pinstripe motif is a design technique that Natalie began utilizing long before founding Alabama Chanin. It is another of her favorite patterns that was used on a jacket she has been wearing for over 15 years. The original design has been streamlined for the current Collection and updated by adding beads. Like the Tweed pattern, the Pinstripe is a classic style that will always be on-trend and can be incorporated into your current wardrobe and worn for years.

Browse the Collection to view the Tweed and Pinstripe garments, along with a range of designs for special occasions, eveningwear, and bridal.

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  1. Eva

    I love these new textures. The tweed reminds me of Japanese Boro textiles, and I suspect that’s not a coincidence: both utilize no-waste methods. Bravo.