We have often expressed our preference for cooking with cast iron. Cast iron pans are workhorse tools that, when properly cared for, can last for decades. It is a sustainable choice and a well-seasoned skillet forms a non-stick surface. Plus, once it’s hot, it really stays hot. While we have not abandoned our heirloom skillets or sturdy Lodge cookware, cooking with the Smithey Cast Iron Skillet has upped our searing skills tremendously.


It is with all of this in mind that we created cast-iron specific pieces for our current Canvas Cook + Dine Collection. The Canvas Handle Cover, Canvas Double Oven Mitt, Canvas Oven Mitt, and Canvas Potholder are designed to stand up to the heat of cast iron cookware and are quilted from cotton canvas with organic cotton jersey trim.

Because cast iron cookware is solid and does not have a separately attached handle, it follows that when the pan gets hot, the handle gets just as scorching. Our handle covers are designed to fit various sizes of pan handles, which helps when you have an assortment (or an enthusiastic collection) of pans from different decades and different makers.


The Double Oven Mitt is especially useful when removing large or heavy pots and pans from the oven because it provides equal protection for both hands. It also protects your arms when moving dishes from the kitchen to the table. The Canvas Oven Mitt has a classic design and will become a regular part of your daily cooking routine. The Canvas Potholder can be used in the kitchen or on your table, protecting surfaces from hot pans and cookware. The folded oven mitt style features an opening on one side for hands and pot handles.


We use these items with all of our pots and pans—not just cast iron. But we find that the heavy, quilted canvas stands up to the heat of cast iron better than most items in the kitchen. View these pieces and the rest of our Cook + Dine Collection here.


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