Our Bridal + Evening Collection update takes our signature organic cotton fabrics to a new level of design detail. The handwork delivers structure for every style, all while maintaining elegance and comfort.


Debuting in the fall, the Tweed embroidery creates a unique style of textile by layering French terry and organic cotton jersey appliqué with hand beading using sequins, bugle beads, and Swarovski crystals over an organic cotton base that is painted with subtle stripes. Talented artisans work in our community to beautifully execute these elaborate designs. Our Bridal + Evening Collection introduces new colors for this design: White, Tea, and Silver.


Left: the Gaby Dress; Right: the Meghan Dress

Traditional bridal colors of White and Natural are juxtaposed with darker hues like Navy, Black Walnut, and Black—styles that can be worn for any and all special occasions. Two new dresses, the Gaby Dress and Meghan Dress, combine multiple embroidery designs in the same garment—making the gowns a textural work of art.


Left: the Georgia Smock with the Chandler Jacket; Right: the Riley Skirt

Find bridal, evening, cocktail, and special occasion pieces in our updated Bridal + Evening Collection.

If you are interested in placing a custom order, contact our sales team by emailing ac (at) or calling us at 256-760-1090, weekdays from 8:30am – 4:30pm CST. We can also accommodate custom consultations and fittings at The Factory. (The Factory Café caters and hosts bridal luncheons, too.)

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  1. Heather

    I feel like I am always saying how gorgeous your designs are; but seriously…. the texture on these pieces makes my heart stop.
    I hope they will be around for awhile because I will have the smock and jacket after I save for a bit!!!!

    Thank you for the beauty you bring into the world.
    Oh, and thank you for the diverse models as well. 😊

  2. Kathleen Temple

    Splendid! The garments are stunning, your photography is evocative, and your style is lovely. I will be recommending Alabama Chanin to my own bridal and special occasion clients, especially now that you are so clearly showing people of color in your beautiful bridal and special occasion catalog.