With the recent update of the Alabama Chanin Core Club, we want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on our Core Essentials—basic organic knit styles intended for everyday wear. They are designed and made by us in our Bldg. 14 manufacturing facility based out of our Alabama studio.


Core Essentials include both hand and machine-sewn styles. Hand-sewn garments embody the foundations of Alabama Chanin and have been created in this manner since the company’s inception. While our machine-sewn line arrived in 2014, it has grown and our styles have evolved over the years. Some styles, like The Crop Cardigan, stuck while others found improved replacements as we learned more about the manufacturing process—integrating new details and treatments into the construction. Natalie and our team push themselves to try new things, stay inspired, listen to our customers, and create a range of fits while working and experimenting with organic knits. You can find our Core styles in the Alabama Chanin Collection or explore our current range of Core Essentials here.


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