We’ve long been admirers of Liz Pape and her team at Elizabeth Suzann. The Nashville-based company holds quality clothing and mindful consumption at its heart—paying strict attention to detail, respecting the people they work with, their company culture, and the environment.

The garments that Elizabeth Suzann produces are cut and sewn locally (sound familiar?) out of only natural fiber cloth, like linen, silk, and cotton. When their team approached us, a collaboration seemed only natural. The past few months were filled with visits to The Factory from the Elizabeth Suzann team, a creative partnership, design and development, and production in Bldg. 14—resulting in Elizabeth Suzann x Alabama Chanin.


Natalie is also included in Elizabeth Suzann’s recently launched “Clothing Is…” campaign, sharing her thoughts on what clothing is and should be to active and inspiring women of all types.

We can’t wait to see where the partnership takes us and are honored to be included in this meaningful work. Check back in the coming weeks for more Elizabeth Suzann goodness on The Journal.


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  1. Pam Hunter

    This is so awesome! I cannot wait to hear about the success of this amazing duo! I’m following you both on all social network platforms and am looking forward to your updates. Congratulations and thank you for all you do! Woohoo!

  2. Eva

    It is always exciting to hear about collaboration and to get introduced to other socially/environmentally/ ethically/ consciously made clothing and other goods. I like to round out my slowly growing almost exclusively AC wardrobe with a few pieces here or there, such as the Patagonia scarf for brutal
    cold days in NE PA where I live.
    I hope that this new venture will flourish, too: every single item is sold out already on the ES website… I am especially a great fan of AC Ochre.
    The interview with Natalie was a wonderful treat and the photos are gorgeous. No wonder, Natalie looked like a Goddess… it was a special treat to peek into her home, too. Thank you!

  3. Claudia

    I’m headed to Nashville this weekend, and a stop at Elizabeth Suzann was on my list. Just saw this morning that it looked like the entire Natalie x Elizabeth Suzann collection was sold out. Nice job!