“Demand quality, not just in the products you buy, but in the life of the person who made it.” – Orsola de Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution

Loss of life and destruction of natural resources have been the tolls paid by society for its reckless and exorbitant consumerism. “Fast fashion” and its lack of consideration for the human hands making garments and its pollution of the land, water, and air during production has given rise to a counter-movement – the Fashion Revolution – and the prominence of eco-friendly “green fashion.” This week we take a deeper look at the Fashion Revolution, the tragedies and changing mindsets that inspired it, and at our own contributions to sustainability.

What is the Fashion Revolution?

“A matter of caring” – Natalie in the Los Angeles Times

A tee shirt, in five chapters

#whomademyclothes and how you can get involved

Patagonia’s Sustainable Apparel Coalition (Give our team a call to purchase a Reclaimed Down Scarf, made at The Factory in partnership with Patagonia)

The True Cost

“The Ghosts of Rana Plaza”

New York’s Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

The ITC’s Ethical Fashion Initiative

In Alabama: The sustainable supply chain and round business model of Alabama Chanin.

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