Our Bluprint virtual learning courses dive into hand embellishment and construction in The School of Making techniques. In The Swing Skirt: Techniques & Construction, Natalie walks you through each step of creating a hand-sewn garment. Creative Embellishments gives an in-depth look at our most popular hand embellishing techniques including quilting, reverse appliqué, whipstitch appliqué, and more. Natalie’s newest course—The New Embroidery: Simple Geometry, Beautiful Stitches—rounds out the series by sharing embroidery tips and tricks perfected over the years.


In this course, you’ll learn more about the grid system used throughout The Geometry of Hand-Sewing that provides you with a fool-proof method for achieving even, consistent stitches on any project. Natalie demonstrates how to use the grid system to embroider a wide range of stitches from the most basic to the more complex.

The course is broken into six lessons. The first covers the physics of sewing, how to use the grid system, and the tools and supplies you’ll need to get started. Lessons two, three, and four cover the different types of grids and stitches that can be made using each. Lesson five shows how to add beads and sequins to any stitch as well as lacing your stitches with a contrasting thread to add texture and color. In the final lesson, Natalie shares projects to practice your stitches including a stitch-sampler scarf and a reference binder of stitch samples you can refer back to as needed.


We’re also introducing a few new products today to supplement the class and equip you to practice your embroidery stitches at home. Our new Stitching Cards are like the ones included in The Geometry of Hand-Sewing, but they come three-hole-punched and ready to store in your project binder or Stitch Journal. Our new Marking Tools set makes the perfect companion to the Stitching Cards and includes The School of Making erasable pen along with our favorite chalk pencil so you have tools to mark both light and dark fabrics. By popular demand, we’ve added another color of Button Craft Thread to the mix—Sage—that looks beautiful as a subtle accent color.

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