Our new Thread + Embroidery Floss Calculator charts are available for download to print and reference at home. This is a new tool that can be used to determine how much thread is needed for reverse appliqué and negative reverse appliqué on different garments using different stencils plus how much embroidery floss is needed for backstitch reverse appliqué.

Our design and production teams developed a system for tracking how much thread is needed per 3.5” square and then calculated how many 3.5” squares make up each garment. The stencils have been categorized into four levels based on coverage, density, and spools of thread needed.

You can also add on any thread and embroidery floss you need for a Custom DIY Kit at an additional, discounted cost—if you have enough in your stash, you have the option to leave the thread off. If you’re making a garment start-to-finish at home, you can use the chart to determine how much thread you’ll need to order to complete your garment based on your desired stencil and treatment.

Please note that the number of spools listed for each garment style and stencil level are estimated and that the actual numbers can vary based on stencil, stitch tension, and a variety of other factors.

Download the free Thread + Embroidery Floss Calculator here and start planning your next project.


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  1. Ina

    This is absolutely brilliant … thank you for such attention to detail … will be worth knowing when embarking on another project!!!